About the Copenhagen Summit

About the Copenhagen Summit

The purpose of the connected events of the IFA Global Think Tank on Ageing and the IFA Copenhagen Summit is to gain a deeper understanding of potential cognitive reserve models and their benefits.

Finding initiatives that will maintain cognitive function and reduce cognitive decline in older adults is imperative. Peer-reviewed literature generally supports maintaining and increasing cognitive reserve as effective buffers against cognitive ageing. Nonetheless, an increasing list of questions remain unanswered, such as:

  1. What gaps in knowledge and practice must be addressed to render maintaining and increasing cognitive reserve a viable policy strategy?
  2. Why should stakeholders, including governments, funding bodies, and caregivers, maintain and increase cognitive reserve?
  3. How would a successful cognitive reserve model look, and what support would it require?
  4. What challenges must be overcome to implement a cognitive reserve model?
  5. What are the global, societal, and individual implications of a cognitive reserve model?

What is the IFA Global Think Tank on Ageing?

speechbubblesThe Think Tank on Ageing is an invitation-only meeting of thought leaders, academics, and practitioners in the field of cognitive ageing and cognitive reserve.

The Think Tank aims to evaluate cognitive reserve as a value-added investment to improve and maintain the capacity of older people.

The Think Tank will produce an expert consensus paper to guide the programming of the IFA Copenhagen Summit in October 2017.

What is the IFA Copenhagen Summit?

copenhagensummitinfographicThe Copenhagen Summit is the Annual Meeting of the Global Think Tank. It is an international platform convened to stimulate policy discussions on cognitive ageing and cognitive reserve with key decision-makers in government, industry, and civil society.

The Think Tank’s expert consensus paper will form the basis for intergovernmental dialogue about the social and fiscal case for maintaining and increasing cognitive reserve.

As part of their commitment to policy development, participants are encouraged to introduce the issue of cognitive reserve into their sectors and disciplines via discussion papers and the final Summit report.

Public policy on ageing should maximize the functional ability, social capital, and well-being of older persons in an economically sustainable fashion.


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