About Us

About Us

The IFA Copenhagen Summit is a partnership between the International Federation on Ageing and DaneAge.

IFA Logo 2015The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is the global point of connection of experts and expertise in the field of ageing and achieves this through the development of national, regional and international information platforms that help to influence and shape effective age-related policy.

The IFA is one of only four international non-governmental organizations (NGO) advocating for the livelihood and wellbeing of older people around the world; and only one of 100 organizations with general consultative status at the United Nations and its agencies including the World Health Organization. The IFA was a leading member of the civil society movement that championed the United Nations Principles for Older People in 1999 that underpins many national and regional strategic plans.

Through its growing global reach via a large membership base of NGOs, the corporate sector, academia, individuals and governmental network, the IFA is uniquely placed to view the social and economic consequences of population ageing in the context of both its opportunities and challenges including healthy ageing, age-friendly cities, health and social system change, labour market forces and the care continuum.



DaneAge Association (Ældre Sagen) is a national, not-for-profit membership organisation founded in 1986.  DaneAge has 700,000 members and is open to all adults (age 18+).  The mission of DaneAge is to fight for a society in which: all can live long and good lives, the person is more important than their age, it is possible to live and flourish on their own terms, and support and care is available for those who need it.

DaneAge is independent, non-partisan and neutral regarding party politics, religion, and ethnic origins.  DaneAge has 217 local chapters across Denmark with 16,114 volunteers working in the local chapters, doing voluntary social work, providing local membership activities, local advocacy, etc.  DaneAge’s headquarters in Copenhagen has a staff of approximately 100 (FTE).