The International Federation on Ageing and DaneAge are pleased to announce that the emerging area of Cognitive Reserve will be the focus of attention at the second IFA Global Think Tank and IFA Copenhagen Summit. These events will convene in April and December of 2017, respectively.

These connected international events in 2017 aim to respond to a major gap in knowledge mobilization around the topic of cognitive reserve. They convene at a time when nations globally are facing the consequences of several significant demographic changes, including population ageing, globalization, urbanization, and technological innovation.

Copenhagen 2017 Summit FINAL - 1

Please contact Ms. Virginia Duarte Walsh to be placed on the mailing list for further updates regarding the 2017 IFA Copenhagen Summit.

The IFA Copenhagen Summit Report on Reablement and Older People offers a synthesis of the expert discussion papers generated at the IFA Global Think Tank in October 2015.

Summit Static Slide