The purpose of the connected events of the IFA Global Think Tank on Ageing and the IFA Copenhagen Summit is to gain a deeper understanding of potential cognitive reserve models and their benefits.

Finding initiatives that will maintain cognitive function and reduce cognitive decline in older adults is imperative. Peer-reviewed literature generally supports maintaining and increasing cognitive reserve as effective buffers against cognitive ageing. Nonetheless, an increasing list of questions remain unanswered, such as:

  1. What gaps in knowledge and practice must be addressed to render maintaining and increasing cognitive reserve a viable policy strategy?
  2. Why should stakeholders, including governments, funding bodies, and caregivers, maintain and increase cognitive reserve?
  3. How would a successful cognitive reserve model look, and what support would it require?
  4. What challenges must be overcome to implement a cognitive reserve model?
  5. What are the global, societal, and individual implications of a cognitive reserve model?

What is the IFA Global Think Tank on Ageing?

The Think Tank on Ageing is an invitation-only meeting of thought leaders, academics, and practitioners in the field of cognitive ageing and cognitive reserve.

The Think Tank aims to evaluate cognitive reserve as a value-added investment to improve and maintain the capacity of older people.