The Copenhagen Summit

The Copenhagen Summit

The purpose of the connected events of the IFA Global Think Tank on Ageing and the IFA Copenhagen Summit is to gain a deeper understanding of potential cognitive reserve models and their benefits.

While policy-related dialogue is relatively new around the impact of cognitive reserve across the life course, there are tangible opportunities for its inclusion in current public health and age-related policies and strategies.  To ensure that policies and initiatives impacting cognitive reserve are both comprehensive and coordinated, collaboration between stakeholders is required to improve prevention and risk reduction.

The IFA and DaneAge are convening the Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve on 24-25 October 2019 to build on the global knowledge network for the concept of cognitive reserve and encourage policy development and implementation.

Finding initiatives that will maintain cognitive function and reduce cognitive decline in older adults is imperative.  As a platform to harness the latest evidence-based information on cognitive reserve, the primary goal of the Summit is to inform policy to maximize the functional ability and well-being, shifting evidence to action as the global population ages.

The Copenhagen Summit is the Annual Meeting of the Global Think Tank. It is an international platform convened to stimulate policy discussions on cognitive ageing and cognitive reserve with key decision-makers in government, industry, and civil society.